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Learn Online - Online Education – Is it Here To Stay?
16th November 2021 By Monish

Learn Online - Online Education – Is it Here To Stay?


Online Learning – What is Online Education Scenario in India?

As we see the online education sector is growing day by day. In 2020, due to the pandemic situation in India, the education institutes had to shift to the Online learning mode. This has still not changed in 2021. The situation has given rise to many online ways of learning. The mode of learning is changing as information availability in the online mode is also beyond the textbooks in school.

During this period, the face of entire society has changed and education is not different. Almost every school is trying to set a benchmark to become the leader in online education these days. In this scenario, there are students who are missing the face to face learning and on the other hand there are students who are taking advantage of the situation and trying to gain from the best of both situations. They are trying to make best use of the technology for their learning by using information and tools provided by the Online learning systems. I would like to summarize the positives which I found really worth sharing.

  1. It gives you a platform where you can deliver almost the same way you were delivering earlier; the only catch is that you have to abreast yourself with the technology around. The situation has made most of the teacher’s technology saavy. Teachers also are now used to take the advantages of the technology around and deliver quality lectures.


  1. It gives you an opportunity to connect real-time with your students. The Mode of delivering the lectures can be Live and also can be supported with recorded sessions.


  1. The Online Classes gives you tools to enhance your teaching and make it more effective. Usage of Various online tools make the Online Lessons more Interesting. Be it The Online Maths Class, Online Physics Class, Online Biology Class or online music class – the online education tools really help. There are various ways of learning, you can learn through live classes, prerecorded videos, podcasts, pdfs and much more methods and tools which are used in lesson planning. You can follow them later also for your practice sessions. You just have to go to your dedicated corner to practice with the help of tools.



  1. It organizes all the teaching material and other documents which you can re-use in future as well. There are methods by which you can record the Class and refer it later. The online lessons may also be supported with video or audio recordings. And it is always said that you recall a video better than you recall a text.


  1. It helps the online teacher to reach many homes together at the same time. It is not just taking an online class at the convenience of home but it is delivering an online class for kids at the convenience of home.


  1. It is not hindered by physical divisions of land. One can also give classes in other state, or another country. The online education has made Learning beyond the local boundries and made it global.


  1. Teachers and students can connect one to one also if required and consented. There are specific doubt solving sessions and also there can be question and answer session can be created to solve the doubts. And not just about doubts, there is a flexibility of timings for delivering online lectures or taking online classes.
  2. Learning Online Class brings all the teachers also under one roof to be able to provide their expertise guidance to a varied audience.


  1. It gives a routine to the parents and children who have become aimless and directionless in the present scenario. Learning should not stop.


  1. It helps us in achieve the goal of education together with the parents as part of parent involvement program.

Do you think Its a varied perspective of the positives of online education, would like to hear from you as well.