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Dilemma of a teacher! – Online Learning vs Physical Classes
16th November 2021 By Monish

Dilemma of a teacher! – Online Learning vs Physical Classes

Teachers Perspective about Online Classes & Learning Online

This is Shivani Gupta and I am a primary teacher in GEMS Modern Academy. Today I want to share what I feel about the whole concept of online education. The ‘New Normal’ as some of the netizens say so. Being a online teacher myself I will be biased about it but I will try to present both the aspects to you.

From a teacher’s perspective online education is one of the medium by which a online teacher can connect with her students. An Online educator tries every possible way to make the entire experience for the child and its parents a fruitful and enriching one. The teacher in her online classes is trying to fulfil all the expectations of students and their parents and tries to achieve her goals using various methodologies, attending number of online webinars, online learning how to use the new technology at hand and simultaneously trying to create better online lesson plans, generating reports, making happy calls, doing justice to other programs she is part of in the school. Infact, it becomes tougher in Online Maths classes, online physics classes, online chemistry classes, online biology classes and specially when online class for 10th and online class for 12th are taught. Whereas on the other hand students and parents are expecting that the online teacher should give individual attention, should check their classwork and homework, should give that personal touch to their child, should be at their disposal 24*7 and should not be given any holiday as there are already working from their homes.

Now being an educated and aware citizen, I would ask you would you understand the situation of a present teacher who is trying to strike a balance and want to educate the fraternity as teaching being her passion. Where is wrong in doing so? Why are there questions floating on the WhatsApp groups and social media whether they should pay the fees to the schools as they are not operating normally?

I mean do you hear yourself when you ask these questions? When on the other hand just for being cool you are also calling it the ‘New Normal’.

I surrender my case my lord and would be happy to hear from you all about it.